• I have had nothing but great experiences at Warrington Dental. Everyone in the office is so nice and Dr. Motwani is the best. He has helped me with many tooth problems, all which have had fantastic results. I trust him and would recommend him to anyone.

    Alyssa Koutsouros
  • I had a root canal scheduled, and no one is more fearfull of the dentist then myself. Dr B did my root canal…she was gentle and kind. The next day i expected to be sore or at very least swollen……nothing…i had zero pain, zero swelling. I fealt like i never even had a root canal…. I highly recommend her and all her services, all my teacher coworkers were so shocked when i came in the next morning feeling better then i had when i walked out of school the prior day…. i hope i dont need anymore, but if i do, i would litterely wait in a line just to recieve her services.?

    Melissa Vogt




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