Oral Surgery - Comprehensive Surgical Care for Your Oral Health

At Warrington Dental PC, we offer a wide range of oral surgery services to address various complex dental issues. Our experienced surgical team is equipped to provide safe and effective care, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your oral health.

What is Oral Surgery and What Does it Include?

Oral surgery encompasses various surgical procedures performed in and around the oral cavity and jaw. It includes procedures like tooth extractions, dental implant placement, corrective jaw surgery, and treatment of oral pathologies.

What are Common Types of Oral Surgery Procedures?

Common procedures include wisdom tooth extraction, dental implant surgery, bone grafting, corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery), and treatment of gum diseases. Each procedure is tailored to address specific dental health needs.

How Do I Prepare for Oral Surgery?

Preparation for oral surgery may involve fasting for a certain period before the procedure, arranging for someone to drive you home afterward, and following any specific pre-operative instructions provided by your surgeon.

What Can I Expect During and After an Oral Surgery Procedure?

During surgery, anesthesia is used to ensure your comfort. Post-surgery, you may experience swelling and discomfort, which can be managed with medications. Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided to ensure a smooth recovery.

How is Recovery Managed After Oral Surgery?

Recovery involves following specific care instructions, such as taking prescribed medications, adhering to a soft diet, and avoiding strenuous activities. Follow-up appointments are important to monitor healing and address any concerns.

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