Oral Cancer Screening - Vital for Early Detection and Prevention

At Warrington Dental PC, we emphasize the importance of regular oral cancer screenings as a part of your routine dental check-up. Early detection of oral cancer significantly increases the chances of successful treatment.

What is Oral Cancer Screening and Why is it Important?

Oral cancer screening is a quick and painless process that checks for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. It’s crucial for early detection, which can lead to more effective treatment if cancer is found.

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening?

The screening involves a visual and tactile examination of the inside of your mouth, including the lips, tongue, cheeks, and throat. We look for any abnormalities, such as lumps, sores, white patches, or unusual changes in tissue texture or color.

Who Should Get Screened for Oral Cancer?

Everyone should undergo regular oral cancer screenings. It’s particularly important for those at higher risk, such as tobacco and alcohol users, people with a history of oral cancer, or those over the age of 40.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer?

Symptoms may include persistent sores in the mouth that don’t heal, lumps or thickening of tissues, red or white patches, difficulty chewing or swallowing, and changes in the fit of dentures. It’s important to report any of these symptoms to your dentist immediately.

How Often Should I Get an Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer screenings are typically recommended once a year as part of your regular dental check-up. However, if you’re at higher risk, more frequent screenings may be advised.

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