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A gap in your smile or a whole arch of missing teeth doesn’t have to compromise your self-confidence. At Warrington Dental in Warrington, Pennsylvania, Amit Motwani, DMD, and the dental experts offer a wide range of denture options. If you’d like to learn how dentures can transform your smile, call the office or schedule your appointment online.

Dentures Q & A

What are the different types of dentures?

When you think of dentures, you probably imagine the full set of top and bottom arches. And, certainly, if you need to have all of your teeth replaced, that is an option available to you at Warrington Dental. But dentures are just as effective for people who are only missing a few teeth or who just need either the top or bottom arch of their teeth replaced. 

Dentures are replacement teeth designed to give you a full, natural-looking smile and enable you to eat, drink, and talk normally. Warrington Dental sizes, shapes, and colors your dentures so they replicate your natural teeth, giving you a stunning smile. 

How do dentures stay in my mouth?

Whether you get partial or complete dentures, you have two options for holding them in place.

With one option, your replacement teeth are affixed to a pink plastic base that matches your gums and holds your teeth in your mouth. These types of dentures can be removed for cleaning. 

If you want a more comfortable, permanent solution, Warrington Dental also offers the option to affix your dentures to your jawbone using dental implants. Using a metal rod implanted in your jawbone as the anchor, your dentures are held in place so they feel and function just like natural teeth. 

Removable dentures are less invasive but not as comfortable long-term. Dentures held in place by implants require surgery so they can be attached to your jaw, but they’re ideal if you want your mouth to feel natural and unhindered. 

Will my dentures work the same as natural teeth?

For the most part, yes. Generally, it takes people some time to get used to their dentures if they choose removable dentures. But once comfortable, you can talk, laugh, eat, and drink normally. That said, it can help you avoid an issue if you’re extra careful with certain foods. Specifically, bite and chew carefully when you’re eating food that exerts a lot of pressure on your teeth (like whole apples) and sticky or gummy foods. 

If you choose dentures with dental implants, your replacement teeth will feel and function just like natural teeth. 

If you have any questions about what dentures feel like and how they can serve you in your daily life, don’t hesitate to contact Warrington Dental. Call the Warrington Dental office or schedule your appointment online to get started.