In-Office Savings Plans

Our loyalty membership keeps you covered for less.

Whether you currently don’t have dental insurance, are overpaying for insurance you have, or are simply interested in saving more. Discover all the benefits.

  Individual Plan 


  Additional Member 


   Family Plan 


*Family Plan Consists of Four Members

*Senior Citizens and Military Discount – additional 5% on selected items

*All Plans Include

Compare & Save

TreatmentAverage Local Dentists PricingLoyalty Plan Pricing*Savings% Saved
New Patient Exam/Consultation (2X)$124Free$107100%
Regular Check-up and Cleaning (2X)$220Free$220100%
Oral Screenings (2X)$118Free$118100%
Emergency Exam$97Free$97100%
Cavity Filling- Composite (1 surface)$208$177$3115%
Porcelain Crown$1,320$1,169$15115%
Root Canal (front, crown not included)$920$782$13815%
All Porcelain Bridge$3,996$3,197$79920%
Single Arch Dentures**$2,046$599$1,44771%
Implant (Single Tooth)**$2,200$999$1,20155%
Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing$309$247$6220%
Simple Extraction$200$170$3015%
Whitening In Office Bleaching$356$285$7120%
Veneer (Per Tooth) Composite$800$680$12015%

Start Saving With Our Patient Loyalty Plan

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